Behind the Scenes at Josh’s Frogs

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Founded in 2004 and based in Owosso, Michigan, Josh’s Frogs is the largest producer of captive bred poison dart frogs in North America. One of their aims is “conservation through commercialization” – the hope being that by supplying large numbers of high quality captive bred frogs into the hobby, people will no longer be tempted to take these endangered species from the wild. They have an impressive operation and since this documentary was filmed have increased their staff to 20. Frogs can be bought online and shipped across the country, together with food supplies and equipment.

In this documentary Brain Barczyk from Snake Bytes TV interviews Zack who oversees the entire animal operation at Josh’s Frogs. The interview focuses on the most popular and easiest to keep species, “the big three”, these being; the Blue Dart frog, Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Azureus’, Green and Black Dart frog, Dendrobates auratus, and Bumble Bee Dart frog, Dendrobates leucomelas. There is also footage of Ranitomeya imitator, one of the tiny ‘thumbnail’ species.

At Josh’s Frogs the breeding room where these adults are kept is only half the story. A great deal of care and effort goes into first rearing the tadpoles and then growing the froglets ready for their new homes. Due to dart frog tadpole’s cannibalistic behaviour each tadpole is raised in an individual cup containing reconstituted RO water. The ‘tadpole room’ contains racks of trays each holding 12 cups. Once all four legs are grown the cups are drained of most water, angled so the froglets can climb out, and then moved to the ‘froglet room’, where they are grown ready for sale.

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